Boarding on a boat from El Soberbio or in the very same Mocona provincial Park, and while the boat is shaken by the swift current and the rapids of the river, is hard to imagine this rare geological formation that gives shape to a series of waterfalls from about more than 3 Km of extension which presented to the visitors. A fault in the center of the Uruguay river´s course makes water dump in lateral way in the border between Argentina and Brazil with falls of 15 meters in height.
Into the Yaboti biosphere reserve of about 250.000 hectares (surrounding the falls), it is possible to find beautiful jungle lodges, with paths that invite you to discover their uncountable species of birds, mammals, amphibians and colorful insects, where undoubtedly butterflies outstand because their beautiful colors.
Another option for visiting the falls and the reserve is staying in El Soberbio in small hotels and from there to take an excursion as by earth as by water.